What are the main differences between seated dinner, stations and small plates?

{ Seated Dinner }

This is the classic format where after the cocktail hour your guests find their assigned seats and are served their salad and main course.
It gives everyone time to settle down and eat before dancing starts however socializing is limited to your table during dinner.

{ Stations }

Different types of foods are offered at food “stations” spread around the tent/room.  Guests can go to each station and pick what they like.  Some stations have chefs that customize guests’ selection, like a pasts or risotto station, and others are more like mini buffets where you can pick and choose what to put on your plate.  This format truly keeps the party going during dinner service by allowing guests to get up and socialize.

{ Small Plates }

An excellent way to offer a variety of foods for your guests to immediate enjoy is small plates. Instead of waiting for the chef to customize each plate, a small plate is immediately offered for the guest to enjoy or “grab and go”. One small plate station can offer a “tasting” of filet mignon served over rustic mashed potatoes with grilled asparagus, or another can be international inspired with Moroccan chicken served over Israeli couscous with mint and dried figs.  This not only allows for faster service at the station but also gives guests the opportunity to have a sampling of various items during dinner service.